Haynes Candle Co.

"Tropic Like It's Hot"

-100% Clean Soy Candles

-Beach Inspired

-Handmade/ Handpoured

-Individually Crafted & Curated

-Customized/Personalized candles now available!

-6% of our monthly sales contribute to preserving our oceans

-6% of our monthly sales goes to rescuing pups

From the Haynes family to yours.

Haynes Candle Company, LLC

  • Tropic Like It's Hot

  • Vitamin Sea

  • Beach Babe

Tropic Like It's Hot

Vitamin Sea

Beach Babe

Care for your Soy Candle:

Soy Candles 101

-Our soy wax is 100% natural. It is very eco-friendly compared to paraffin wax, & supports American soy farmers. It is non-toxic, & non-carcinogenic! Soy wax is very environmentally friendly!

-Soy wax is carbon neutral, when burned properly you should notice a significant reduce in soot or smoke.
-Soy wax is different in melting points compared to paraffin wax. It burns way cooler, increasing the life of your candles up to 50%!
-Due to its melting point it is important to avoid hot temperatures or direct sunlight, which may cause your candle to “sweat”.
-Soy wax does not set once burned like paraffin candles, meaning there maybe blemishes or a “rustic look” but it does not alter the fragrance at all! It’s apart of being a soy candle! 
-Our products are individually handmade & hand-poured in small batches in San Antonio, TX. We will continue to improve all of our candles in every aspect we can to satisfy our customers!